rudugudu (rudugudu) wrote,

The Hindu Temple of Atlanta

For the last few months that I've been in this city, the striking thing to notice is the thriving indian population here. Atlanta, like many other US cities has a steady inflow of indians every year. They have regular Kutcheris (thankfully) and elaborate temple rituals. The hindu temple here is very beautiful and frequently visited.

You can call the temple to receive an automated recording that says "Press 1 for inquires. Press 2 to talk to the priest..". The prasad can be purchased using your credit card. Apart from other minor attempts at modernisation, I've seen things like mp3s of slokas that can be downloaded from temple websites etc. It felt strange when I first saw these things, but it works well here.

Managed to get a snapshot of the place. The weather these days is very pleasant. Sitting at the main entrance is a great way to unwind and feel at home.

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